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Note: Internet attackers discredited in Bryn Mawr and Iranian.com. See University of British Columbia (UBC), UBC tribute to Kaveh Farrokh, Academia.edu & Tirgan.


KavehFarrokh.com is dedicated to the Advancement of Ancient Iranian and Classical Studies. The relationship between ancient Iran and the civilizations of the Greco-Roman world (and its European successors)India, China and the Far East, and the Arabo-Islamic world are a major focus of this website. Civilizations are rarely conceived in a vacuum and are often the result of the synthesis of a number of elements, examples being the Roman Empire, ancient Iran and India.

Kaveh-Farrokh-FoundationKaveh Farrokh.Foundation (coming 2014) will strive to address Misconceptions in popular culture, media, academia, ACUNS-WAALM-Nobeletc. with respect to ancient Iran. Accordingly, the field of Iranian Studies shall be supported, encouraged and promoted towards the aim of fostering understanding and dialogue.

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Farrokh-Iran War at War 1500-1988