The video below by Leroy Kenton was first released on October 1, 2019 on Youtube. Below the video are resources for readers further interested in the topics discussed in the video.

For further information on the 10 facts discussed in the above video by Leroy Kenton, kindly click click the corresponding topics [1-10] below:

[1] Qanat (water supply) – see the article … The Aqueducts of Iran

[2] Guitar: see the article … History of Music in pre-Islamic Iran 3rd Millennium BC to 650 CE

[3] Alphabets: see the article … Achaemenid Education System

[4] Sulfuric Acid: see the article … Gondeshapur

[5] Algebra: see the article … “Khwarazmi the Father of Modern Algebra

[6] Yakhchal (refrigerator): see the article … “Ancient Advanced Technology: 2,400-Year-Old Yakhchals Kept Ice in the Desert

[7] Postal Service: see the article … “The Surprising Origins of the Postal Service

[8] Human Rights: see the resource link … “Cyrus the Great & The Cyrus Cylinder

[9] Battery: see the article … “The Parthian Battery

[10] Animation: see the article … World’s Oldest Example of Pictorial Animation

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