The late Ostad Haj Hossein Farajian of Zanjan, Iran was a master craftsman who built ancient Achaemenid era swords. The information and rare photographs below are the result of Dr. Manouchehr Khorasani’s 10-year study Arms & Armor from Iran: The Bronze Age to the End of the Qajar Period. See also Dr. Khorasani’s lecture at M.I.T. on Iranian arms and armor from the Bronze age to the Qajar era. For more information on Dr. Khorasani’s works, consult his list of publications.

Khorasani’s studies have helped reveal the long-stadning existence of traditional weapons building in Iran as well as military artifacts never seen by Western researchers. It was master craftsmen such as the late Ostad Farajian who have done much to keep alive Iran’s ancient legacy in military history.

استاد حاج حسین فرجیان در مقابل کوره آهنگریش در زنجان -ایشان مدتی پیش درگذشتند-The late Haj Hossein Farajian at his workshop in Zanjan.

Below are works by the late Farajian, a testament to his dedication in preserving ancient Iran’s past. The late Farajian’s  dedication to history is matched by the legacy of craftsmanship he has left behind.

[CLICK TO ENLARGE] – یک آکیناکه که به دست استاد حاج حسین فرجیان ساخته شدAchaemenid Akenakes short-sword in its sheathed form (left) and unsheathed (right) (courtesy of  Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani).

[CLICK TO ENLARGE] قبضه شمشیر که به شکل دو سر شیر ساخته شده است. چشم ها مفرغین و دندان ها از استخوان اسب هستند– Close-up of another Farajian masterpiece – an Akenakes sword handle built with the customary double-headed motif (left) and the same sword handle as it appears from the side view (right) (courtesy of  Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani).

 -نیام شمشیر آکیناکه از چوب درخت افرا درست شد و به نقش هایی از آپادانا و پرسپولیس مزین است– Achaemenid motifs on Sheathes of Akenakes swords (courtesy of  Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani).

[CLICK TO ENLARGE] نمای نزدیک تیغه مفرغی. در هر دو سوی تیغه آکیناکه فرمانی از خشایارشا به زبان پارسی باستان و به خط میخی حک شده است.-Blades of Achaemenid Akenakes short swords inscribed with cuneiform script.