Below is a message by Tara Farhidwhich was forwarded to Please feel free to distribute to support this event which was covered by the Voice of America news service as seen in the video below:

-گزارش صدای آمریکا از تیرگان ۲۰۱۱-Voice of America Report on the Tirgan 2011 festival


Dear Friends,   

Finally Tirgan Festival is here!  See my article (in Persian) on Tirgan: Flying on the Horizons of Cultural Immortality/ in Persian: مقاله  در باره تیرگان

Tirgan is a four-day celebration of Iranian arts & culture held in Toronto Harbourfront Centre, showcasing a selection of over 50 Iranian cultural performances in music, dance, theatre, cinema, literature, and visual arts, Tirgan 2011 is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors to Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre between July 21 – 24, 2011.

In addition, the festival showcases Iranian cuisine and exclusive arts & crafts presentations made at vendor kiosks. Altogether, these make for engaging, educating, enriching, and entertaining experiences for a wide range of audiences.   

Event schedules: (click here)

Opening Ceremony (Pardid/ Slalar Aghili, Thursday, 8:30 PM,$25)  Late night Jazz Bar (Rana Farhan, Friday, 10:30 PM, $30)  

Some of the artists performing at the event (چند نمونه از کاراین هنرمندان):

Opening Ceremony Salar Aghili, Hamid Motebassem, sample work   

Rana Farhan sample work

Turquoise Land, Dream of Peace – Les Ballets Persans


  event schedules: