Professor Stoyanov is a member of the Department of the Near and Middle East, Faculty of Languages and Cultures in the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in the University of London.

He has lectured and published widely on various facets of the interaction between the theologies and soteriologies of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam as well as the persisting interchanges between some of their heterodox and apocalyptic trends. He is the author of The Hidden Tradition in Europe (Penguin, London, 1994), The Other God (Yale UP, London & New York, 2000), assistant editor of Christian Dualist Heresies in the Byzantine World c.650-c.1450 (Manchester UP, Manchester & New York, 1998).

Professor Stoyanov who is a major expert of Byzantine Studies, is of a unique category of scholar who fully appreciates the legacy of ancient Persia in its various domains, including theology and Zoroastrianism and military history. There is a deep appreciation by Professor Stoyanov of the interplay and mutual influences of the Romano-Byzantine and Iranian worlds in antiquity, a vast domain in which he sets the standard of academic inquiry and scholarship.

Professor Yuri Stoyanov has recently produced an excellent monograph entitled:

Defenders and Enemies of the True Cross: The Sassanian Conquest of Jerusalem in 614 AD and Byzantine Ideology of anti-Persian Warfare. (Sitzungsberichte der ÖAW. Phil.-hist. Klasse / Veröffentlichungen zur Iranistik 61). Wien: Verlag der ÖAW (angenommen zum Druck 2010, ersch. 2011).

The monograph has been published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press. Readers are referred to the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press website where the document can be downloaded from either of the following links:

Scholars and interested readers of ancient history are also invited to consult Professor Stoyanov’s excellent text entitled:

Title: The Other God: Dualist Religions from Antiquity to the Cathar Gods

Author: Yuri Stoyanov

Publisher & Date: Yale University Press (2000)

ISBN: 9780300082531

To order consult Yale University Press or Amazon.

Below are a number of reviews by experts in the domain:

A book of prime importance for anyone interested in the history of religious dualism. The author’s knowledge of relevant original sources is remarkable; and he has distilled them into a convincing and very readable whole.”—Sir Steven Runciman

The most fascinating historical detective story since Steven Runciman’s Sicilian Vespers.”—Colin Wilson

A splendid account of the decline of the dualist tradition in the East . . . both strong and accessible. . . . The most readable account of Balkan heresy ever.”—Jeffrey B. Russell, Journal of Religion

Well-written, fact-filled, and fascinating . . . has in it the making of a classic.” —Harry T. Norris, Bulletin of SOAS

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