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The Site of Pasargadae

       Persian Gardens

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The Site of Persepolis


       Throne Hall

       Gate of Nations

  • The Gate of Nations (coming 2023)

       Council Hall

  • The Council Hall (coming 2023)

       Hadiš (Palace of Xerxes)


      Miscellaneous Structures at and near Persepolis

      Various Articles


      Old Photos

The Site of Bistun

Various Achaemenid Sites in Iran

Achaemenid Rule & Administration

Achaemenids and the Ancient Greeks

Achaemenids in Anatolia, the Caucasus & Eastern Europe

Achaemenids in Central Asia and India

Achaemenids & Learning

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Achaemenid Music & Culture

Fall of the Achaemenids

The Hellenic Era

Achaemenid Legacy

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Revival of Achaemenid Styles among the Youth, Culture and Arts

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