The YouTube video entitled “Why were the Iranian Empires so Successful?” was created by the Kings and Generals educational video history series.

Video by Kings and General outlet entitled “Why were the Iranian Empires so successful“? (Source: Kings and Generals in YouTube).

Readers are invited to read the comments section of the above video – note that Greek viewers view Iranians and their civilizations with support, respect and admiration (like the vast majority of Greeks in general), essentially viewing Iran as a sister civilization:

The notion of a so-called “Clash of Civilizations” is a relatively modern northwest European concept which seeks to create a “Us versus Them” paradigm by the process of “Othering” … for more on this topic click here …

For further Information on the Iranian Empires and the contributions of these and Iranian peoples consult the following:

Double -griffin capital locally known as “Homa birds” probably from the Unfinished Gate (Courtesy of: Following Hadrian Photography).