[Beautiful Arts], No.9, pp.21-29.  (pdf) (in Persian)

  • The Hui Communities of China and Admiral Zheng He
  • A Map of the Voyages of Admiral Zheng He
  • City named “Shahyar” in China
  • Matteo Compareti: The last Sassanians in China
  • Pirooz in China: Defeated Persian army takes Refuge
  • Impact Of Iranian Culture On East Asia
  • Bactrian Fortress Reveals How Ancient Civilizations of Central Asia Lived

    The Silk Route

    Iran and Central Asia
    Iran and the Indian Subcontinent


    Iran and Japan

    Iran and Korea

    Iranian speakers of Asia


            Central Asia

    Iranian Mythology and Asia

      Articles by the courtesy of Dr. Jamshid Jamshidi’s SHAMOGOLOPARVANEH website

    Persian Music from Central Asia

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