The WAALM School of Cultural Diplomacy for the promotion of international peace, dialogue, learning and inter-cultural communication has been officially inaugurated in England. This features five distinct departments with over 20 programs.

For an overview to the organization kindly consult the introductory notes in English (pdf) or in Persian (pdf) as well as the website:

The introductory video below is also of interest: 

Among the faculty of the WAALM School of Cultural Diplomacy are:

Dr. Patrick Hunt of Stanford University who has won awards for his various activities as an  archaeologist, writer, composer, poet and art historian. He has been filmed in many documentaries including National Geographic Explorer TV, History Channel and PBS. Professor Hunt is the Director of the Alpine Archaeology Project (1994-2009), conducting high altitude research in the Alps between France, Italy and Switzerland. He is also a National Lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) 2009-2010 and the author of eight books, including the best-seller TEN DISCOVERIES THAT REWROTE HISTORY (Penguin-Plume, 2007). Professor Hunt has been a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 1989.

Professor Dick Davis who is a Professor of Persian and Chair of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Ohio State University. His works in Medieval Persian literature have set the standard of academic excellence. He has also taught at the Universities of Durham and Newcastle in the UK as well as Universities of Tehran (Iran) and California (Santa Barbara). As author, translator or editor, he has produced over 20 books; among his academic works he has published translations from Italian (prose) and Persian (prose and verse) and books of his own poetry. Professor Davis has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature since 1981.

Kaveh Farrokh is a member of the Hellenic-Iranian Studies program at Leiden University, the Iran Linguistics Society, the Persian Gulf Preservation Society, the Pasargard Preservation Foundation and other organizations. He has been interviewed on ancient Persian history and archaeology by the BBC, the History Channel and the Voice of America media network. Kaveh teaches ancient Persian history through the Continuing Studies Division of the University of British Columbia. He has received a number of citations for his second book, the most recent being the Merit and Scholarship Award of 2009 for his writings and books in Iranian Studies.