The Kaveh Farrokh Foundation Eire-An Europa Initiative (KFF-EEI) is geared towards emphasizing the mutual influence and relationship between Iranian and European civilizations. This is achieved through academic engagements inclusive of publications, conferences, and other activities (see for example the following resources):

The Arthurian Legends, Iranic Peoples/Persia and Britain

King Arthur & Eire-An/Persia

Anglo-Saxons & Eire-An/Persia

Works by Linda A. Malcor and C. Scott Littleton

Ireland (Eire) and Eire-An/Persia

The Goths, Germanic Peoples and Impact of Iranian Civilization

Gothic and European Architecture

The Caucasus

Eastern and Central Europe (Slavs and Hungarians)

Northern Russia and the Arctic

Ancient Greece and Impact of Ancient Persia

Ancient Rome, Medieval Italy, Byzantium and Impact of Ancient Persia

Europe and Impact of Persianate Civilization

The Iranian Scythians, Alans and Sarmatians

The Koban

See also Ancient Scythian and Sarmatian women in “The Women of Persia“.

The Ossetians: Modern Iranic descendants of the Ancient Scythians, Alans and Sarmatians