Textbooks and Articles on Sassanian Military History

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Sassanian Empire’s Wars

      The Romano-Byzantine Frontiers (an overview)

      Wars of Ardashir I
      Wars of Shapur I

Bahram V

The Late Sassanian Era and Wars with Byzantium

      The Wars of Khosrow II

Sassanian Military Architecture 

      The Wall of Gorgan and the Central Asian Frontier

      The Wall of Darband (Derbent) in the Caucasus

      Western Iran

      Northwest Iran

Military Organization, Elite Units, Troops, Tactics, Training & Jousting

Armaments & Military Equipment

Logistics & Support

Bahram Chobin

      Firearms and Bahram Chubin

      Bahram Chobin in Historical Novels

Battle Elephants

Sassanian Military Legacy


Recommended Further Readings

       Historical Novels